Friedrichshain is one of Berlin´s multifaceted districts. It remains strongly influenced by the GDR times, giving it that particular allure. Here art meets photography and design from the GDR. If you´re looking to experience a piece of history coupled with modernity in the trend district that is Friedrichshain, you should look for real estate in Friedrichshain.


Our Real Estate in Friedrichshain


Location & Infrastructure

Friedrichshain district is very centrally located within Berlin and is only a few underground stops away from Alexanderplatz. Because of its central location there are plenty of shops catering to your daily needs in the vicinity of your apartment, as well as an excellent network of underground lines. For day trips in the summer, there is the highly sought after public park „Volkspark Friedrichshain“ which is within easy reach via the underground stop Rosa-Luxemburg Platz. If you are looking to get some fresh air and want to get away from your apartment in summer, this is particularly appealing.


Because of its central location Friedrichshain has a very high concentration of schools and universities. In the district itself, close to your apartment, there are a number of schools tha have been rated as excellent, so that your children wouldn´t have far to go to get to school. Because of Friedrichhain´s unparalleled location, getting to and from Colleges as well as Universities does not involve a long commute, making an apartment in Friedrichshain a worthwhile investment.


As with all districts, and because Friedrichshain is densely populated, it has a hospital covering all specialist care fields. The Vivantes Klinikum im Friedrichshain“ is open 24 hours a day and is within easy reach, due to its particular location, directly on the Volkspark.

Shops And Supermarkets

Because of Friedrichshain´s urban density there are many shopping facilities on offer. You can get to the Ringcenter at the eastern fringes oft he city center with the circle line („Ringbahn“) at the Banhhof Frankfurter Allee.

Parks And Gardens

Particularly in summer, going to the Volkspark Friedrichshain to meet friends and acquaintances is an absolute must – whether it´s in the evening after work or on weekends to soak in the sun. Here, the residents of our nearby property can enjoy the balmy summer nights over a glass of wine with friends. The perfect escape from the daily grind.


The central location of Friedrichshain means there are good transport links in all directions. Because of the tighly woven suburban railway and underground network you can reach every corner of Berlin from your apartment, day and night. One of the main underground lines is the U2, which connects East and West. Also in close proximity is Alexanderplatz with its links to regional train services, trains, suburban railway, trams, busses and other underground lines.
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Friedrichshain represents the new Berlin. Shortly after the wall came down it was a rough district, but soon developed into a hotspot for artists and musicians. This early influence can still be felt in Fridrichshain today, which boasts countless trendy cafes, bars, galleries and venues.




Because it remains strongly influenced by GDR times, it gives the impresson that squares like Strausberger Platz are one of the sights. What is impressive here is how elements oft he GDR times meet modernity. Amongst the more notable sights are the famous Eastside Gallery, with its array of colours, and the Holzmarkt.

Clubs, concerts and culture:

Friedrichshain offers everything the heart desires, if you are into colourful and pulsating. This includes trendy bars, such as the Fairytale Bar, Booze Bar or Clubs such as the famous Tresor Club, a strong proponent of the electronic music scene.

Friedrichshain is made for people who, on the one hand, like a brightly coloured chaotic night out, but at the same time yearn for a quiet retreat, such as the Volkspark. And culture lovers can also definitely get their fill in Friedrichshain, which has attracted the likes of media, music and fashion.



Due to the high quality of life, prices nearly doubled since 2012 in Friedrichshain. 
This trend is high likely to continue as well.